Riesling - Robert Weil (engl.)

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Riesling is the most exciting, most amply multi-faceted grape variety in the world. Its wines can be appreciated as anything, from dry to off-dry right up to noble sweet and can be enjoyed young as well as aged. This book covers the complex topic of Riesling through the fine example of the top German wine estate Robert Weil. For the last twenty years no other German wine estate so strongly rooted in tradition has established such a superb success story. Wilhelm Weil represents the fourth generation of the family running the estate; he has restored the winery to its rightful place among the international elite of wine producers. The book describes both the exciting history of the wine estate as part of the German and Rheingau wine tradition, as well as the extraordinary architecture of the ensemble: mansion, park and wine cellars. Detailed questions on topics such as terroir and ecosystem, ageing and fermentation and style are discussed in detail. The many different tasks of a wine estate through the course of a year – right from pruning to harvest – are illustrated in sumptuous photography.

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28,0 × 29,0 cm
Sprache: englisch
€ 49,90 (D) | € 51,30 (A)
ISBN 978-3-941641-94-5
Erscheinungstermin: 5.2013


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